Full and Partial Denture Care Instructions

Full and Partial Denture Care Instructions:

Dentures need to be taken out and brushed at least once a day, inside and out.

Take out and rinse after every meal.

The denture can be soaked in white vinegar and water solution (1 cup water/ ¼ cup white vinegar) or any over the counter effervescent cleaner (ie. Polident or Efferdent) once a week.

Do NOT use bleach of any kind. It turns the teeth yellow and the metal black.

If needed, you may use a small amount of adhesive to help hold your denture in place.

If an area in your gums gets sore rinse with warm salt water.  If it remains sore please call the office for an adjustment.

The fit of your denture will change with any weight gain or loss and may not fit correctly.  Adjustments will need to be made so the denture will remain comfortable.

When the denture is not being worn we recommend they are kept in the container provided and away from any pets to avoid damage.