Post-Appointment Instructions - Nightguard

Remember to brush and floss before wearing your nightguard.

Place your nightguard in warm water for 30 seconds - 1 minute before using.

Your body may produce extra saliva for awhile until your mouth gets used to the nightguard.

Wear your nightguard every night to protect your teeth. Since teeth do shift over time, your nightguard may not fit if not worn regularly.

In the morning remove your nightguard and clean it with cold water and toothpaste and store it in the carrying case.

Remember to clean the case regularly.

Pets may eat your nightguard, so please keep it out of their reach.

Bring your nightguard in when you come to our office for you exam and cleaning so it can be cleaned and inspected.

If your nightguard is broken or develops holes after long-term use, contact our office to have another nightguard made. Nightguards typically last 3-5 years.

If the bite on the nightguard feels ‘off’, please contact our office at 928-537-2525